Welcome to SystemWorks' Website, we are an independent, third-party commissioning provider located in West Des Moines, Iowa.

SystemWorks LLC is an independent, third-party commissioning provider located in West Des Moines, Iowa.   We specialize in building commissioning, retro-commissioning, LEED commissioning, facility analysis, thermal imaging, indoor air quality testing, energy audits, utility benchmarking, and certified testing and balancing.  Our team is comprised of professional and technical personnel experienced in the construction and setup of high performance green buildings.  SystemWorks was instrumental in the commissioning of the first LEED rated facility in the state of Iowa which achieved a silver medal in the USGBC’s green building rating system.  SystemWorks has successfully earned our targeted credits on over 170 LEED projects and over 7,000,000 sq ft of commissioned space.

SystemWorks strives to foster long-term working relationships with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.  As the commissioning authority on any project, whether it is LEED, sustainable or existing building commissioning, SystemWorks follows the team approach.  We communicate with the owner and design team during the commissioning process, we work in the field alongside the contractors to resolve issues, and we ensure the owner’s staff is knowledgeable in the operation of the equipment.  

Since SystemWorks is a true third-party commissioning firm our focus is strictly on being the owner’s advocate in providing a truly functional building.  Our staff is collaborative and brings a “can do” attitude to the project.  We are team players with the goal of working with and encouraging the construction team players to perform at their highest level and do the right thing.  Partnering and treating the construction team with respect in regard to their particular skill helps to foster a positive attitude and job site goal of high quality workmanship.