Drake University - School of Education & Science Connector Building

What we did
  • School of Education -  47,670 ft2
  • Science Connector Building - 59,500 ft2
  • Green Globes Commissioning (HVAC&R, Plumbing, Lighting, and BAS, Building Envelope, Electrical Systems, and Fire Protection Systems)

SystemWorks was hired to complete the Green Globes Whole Building Commissioning services for the School of Education and Science Connector Building projects centered on STEM education opportunities and expansion of curriculum. The Science Building contains several vivariums, shared student spaces, kinesiology laboratories, lecture halls, biology laboratories and office spaces, each requiring a high level of temperature and pressurization control. The School of Education houses classrooms, offices, study spaces, and lecture halls. These two buildings contained complex mechanical systems including large air handlers, Phoenix Air Valves, generator emergency power, DI and RO water systems, and steam-to-hot water heating plants.